Creativity is like magic—it’s the power to turn visions into reality, fuelled by inspiration. And believe you me, that transformative effect can truly change lives, communities, and even the whole wide world for the better.

Now, hold on tight, because the theme for 2023 is “The Essence of Humanity.” Every single day, we’ve got creation and creativity flowing through our veins. It’s all around us, just like love, beauty, fantasy, and imagination. Creativity, design, and innovation have been superheroes in solving some major problems we face as a planet. From tackling public health pandemics to fighting climate change and ending hunger.

Now, lean in—the conference we’re hosting is all about bringing together like-minded folks. We want to create this awesome space where everyone can share their ideas, get inspired, and see what others have accomplished using their creative genius to solve challenges in their own fields. It’s like a creativity carnival!

But here’s the best part: we’re not just stopping at elevating the creative industry. Oh no, we’ve got bigger plans. We want to find solutions that not only make the creative world shine but also benefit our communities and contribute to our national agenda. It’s all about working together—public and private sectors—making magic happen, and making this world a better place for all.

So, get ready to unleash your creativity and join us on this incredible journey of inspiration, collaboration, and making dreams come true. It’s going to be one fun ride!


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